GASIN - Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

GASIN’s vision is aimed at creating a better and more conducive environment for the communities where gas exploration is going on, as well as for Operators and Government through designed activities. GASIN also aims at reducing the negative environmental, social and climatic effects resulting from unhealthy industrial processes, by bringing affected Communities, Government and Operators to work towards improved standards accepted internationally.

Therefore, Our Vision is:

A clean and safe Niger Delta in which natural resources are extracted and processed in accordance with the highest internationally agreed standards on oil and gas exploration and in which conflicts over natural resources are resolved through dialogue between the Government, Extraction companies and Communities.

GASIN wishes to ensure that Gas extraction and processing including transportation, storage, shipping and trading in the Niger Delta are done in accordance with international standards, taking into consideration the negative effects of these processes on the atmosphere, water, land, health and other basic social amenities of the people. We retain the hope of resolving conflicts, disputes and addressing impacts on the people through dialogue.

Thus, Our Mission:

GASIN is to be a leading non-governmental organisation with an expert background in the effects of gas extraction, processing and distribution. In partnership with local communities and through dialogue with Government and oil and gas companies, we contribute to a clean and safe environment in which the exploration of the natural resources contributes to the livelihood and well-being of the people.

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