GASIN - Our Aims

Our Aims

  • Monitoring developments in the oil and gas industry with the purpose of undertaking advocacy for human-friendly and environmentally safe practices throughout the industry.

  • Preventing discord between host communities and multinational corporations by proactively encouraging participatory ownership through respectful dialogue between all stakeholders to resolve sticking points that may arise from time to time.

  • Advocating the curtailment of the use of chemicals in the dehydration of Natural Gas, and where such toxic chemicals are unavoidably used, to advocate the safe disposal of the consequent toxic wastes.

  • Encouraging and supporting access to justice for those who have a genuine case against defaulters; supporting justifiable claims by affected individuals/communities for fair compensation, when and where their rights to a safe, secure, and humane environment have been violated.

  • Seeking and establishing partnerships with shareholder organizations for the purpose of bringing pressure to bear on corporation managers to do business with integrity, within internationally accepted standards, and in a socially responsible manner.

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