GASIN - GASIN Inaugurates and Trains five (5) more GMGs in ONELGA and Ahoada-West


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GASIN Inaugurates and Trains five (5) more GMGs in ONELGA and Ahoada-West

Thursday, 22 October 2015 00:00
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GASIN has been welcomed by 5 more communities in Ahoada-West and ONELGA namely Akala-Olu, Enito 1, Oshie, Obie and Ogbogoro. These communities are impacted by various oil and gas extraction and processing activities going on around them. The communities welcomed GASIN with joy and happiness when they realized the intentions and aims of the organization which are focused on the safety of the environment and well-being of the people. 

The organization has set-up a Monitoring team in each of the five communities. These teams are called Gas Monitoring Groups (GMGs), who were given a training in Port Harcourt on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Health Safety and Environment (HSE), Administration of Justice/Courts in Nigeria, Legal Orientation, Negotiation Skills and Reporting and Documentation. With these trainings, the GMGs were able to acquire new knowledge and skills on negotiation processes and the effects of oil and gas in the environment. 

The new skills will help them to carry out the planned environmental monitoring functions in their respective communities and report any abnormality in the environment to government regulatory bodies and to other relevant stakeholders including GASIN as designed in the Gas Alert System (GAS). Such abnormalities include gas leakages, oil spills or any unusual incident in the environment that may endanger the lives of the people within the area. 

The communities were excited seeing  the impact of GASIN in their communities, and were eager to support GASIN in any way they can, in-order to ensure the environment is safe and livelihoods secure. 

The GMGs were equipped with the necessary gadgets to enable monitor the environment and make reports effectively to NOSDRA and other stakeholders. The Executive Director of GASIN, Rev Fr. (Dr.) Edward Obi issued the GMGs training certificates, incident-reporting booklets, gas detectors and GPS-enabled smart phones for global positioning referencing during reporting.


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