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What We Do

We research into and monitor gas-related issues that affect the health, environment, safety, security and the overall livelihood of the people in the communities that host gas companies in the Niger Delta.


The issues we follow up are the major causes of unrest, conflicts and disagreements among stakeholders all of which contribute to the worsening environmental degradation in these areas. With our recognition of the current position of the Nigerian government to amass the potential in gas to satisfy her energy and thus economic needs, the developments in the gas sector is therefore our major concern.


Hence, we stand and operate in these areas where there are functional gas facilities and partner with the local people to advocate and lobby for the right practices in all the nitty-gritties of gas exploration, processing and transportation. To bring peace among these stakeholders, GASIN brings them together for peaceful dialogues that will ensure that the natural resources, with which God has blessed the people is exploited in accordance with the requisite standards and best practices of international repute.


We also work to make certain that the proceeds from the resources exploited contribute to the livelihood of these people that are most impacted by the extractive activities, and that necessary measures are undertaken to mitigate all negative impacts. Our efforts and respectful actions create a peaceful atmosphere for a more friendly exploration of gas and for better understanding among stakeholders that ensures conflicts are resolved in a win-win manner.

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